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      Weather for Water Utilities

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      Due to climate change, our weather is becoming increasingly volatile. This is creating increased risk for businesses that are susceptible to the impact of severe weather – especially water utilities. Flooding and tropical storms cause an excessive amount of storm water in sewer systems, while drought has a profound impact on an area’s fresh water source.
      • Solutions

        Schneider Electric delivers unparalleled weather data, forecasts, and insight. With it, you can better anticipate the timing and specific location of oncoming severe weather events, helping you proactively manage these storms, and mitigate the risk of flooding.
      • Value Proposition

        • Reduce flooding occurrences — Proactively open/close appropriate valves by knowing when, where, and how much precipitation a specific location can expect.
        • Operate more efficiently — Precision precipitation forecasts let utilities know exactly what part of their territory will be impacted by heavy rains, and where crews will be needed.
        • Improve insurance recovery process — Historical lightning information allows water utilities to provide their insurance provider with the lightning proof of damage they require.
      • Differentiation

        • Custom weather alerts — easily stay on top of changing conditions with real-time, patented alerts for your exact location.
        • Top-rated forecasts — manage critical weather events with unmatched temperature and precipitation accuracy.
        • Professional forecast consulting — get answers to your weather questions 24/7, with our exclusive online consultations.
        • On-site weather stations — get the most precise possible weather data directly from your exact location for truly hyper-local forecasts and alerts.


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        Enhance crew scheduling with the industry’s top-rated precipitation forecasts
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        Improve flood management with newly integrated data, such as river stage and ocean forecasts
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        Support asset-related insurance claims with detailed, location-specific lightning strike information