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    Secure power protection solutions for marine and offshore applications

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We focus on ensuring maximum safety and continuity of your business.

The quality and availability of electrical power are crucial in many critical applications. In sensitive industrial sectors such as marine and offshore, any lack of electrical power can engender process security, put human life at risk and cause downtime.

  • Solutions

    Our uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are designed to deliver secure power in the marine industry. Our long experience in various sectors enables us to develop adapted UPSs with marine standards, coupled with a full range of services and worldwide coverage.
  • Key facts

    • Support to offer our best solutions, customized to your specific environment and requirements 
    • Standard marine products offer 100% marine type approved from 1 to 200kVA 
    • Worldwide service including maintenance and spare parts
  • Advantages

    • Fully standardized and type approved products
    • Remote Monitoring Services

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