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    Scrubber control solution

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The Scrubber Control Solution enables to power, control and automate the process of exhaust gas treatment for the different types of scrubber technologies, helping you to adapt to stricter IMO regulations.
  • Solutions

    • Standard hardware and architecture, based on marine approved products (PLC, VSDs) 
    • Fully integrated SCADA and automation system 
    • Can be configured for the 3 types of scrubbers 
    1. 1.Open loop  
    2. 2.Closed loop  
    3. 3. Hybrid 
    • Pre-engineered software solution for easy and fast customization
  • Main Benefits

    • Global solution available worldwide 
    • Can be delivered as a turnkey solution or as a pre-engineered automation & electrical distribution package 
    • Includes built-in functionalities for alarming, trends and maintenance services
  • Differentiation

    • Lower operational cost with high-sulfur HFO 
    • Easy operation 
    • Simplified implementation for existing fleet

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