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    MV/LV Distribution

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As the marine industry is facing cost constraints, shipbuilders are looking for optimized solutions and operators strive to get more from their assets while ensuring maximum safety on board.
  • Solution Description

    Our comprehensive offer for energy management and reliable electrical distribution includes MV transformers, MV and LV switchboards, LV circuit breakers, arc flash protection relays, insulation monitoring devices, power management systems.
  • Key facts

    • Expertise in MV and LV systems engineering
    • Integrated and consistent solution from MV switchgear to LV switchgear, including communication capabilities
    • 24/7 support worldwide
  • Advantages

    • Type tested Assembly (TTA) equipment:PIX and MCSet (MV),MB301M and OKKEN (LV), to ensure maximum people safety and operation reliability
    • One single customer interface for the electrical system on board

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