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    Engine Room Cooling Fans & Sea Water Pumps control system

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Engine room cooling fans and sea water pumps are usually oversized and constantly operate at peak flow, resulting in energy losses. This can be limited to very short periods, allowing you to reduce emissions, comply with modern regulations (SEEMP, ISO50001) and realize IMO’s vision of “safe, secure and efficient shipping on cleaner oceans".
  • Solution Description

    Intelligent VSD control via PLC and HMI to reduce the speed of fans and pumps while maintaining the ship’s safe operation, based on various scenarios:

    • Seagoing, depending on speed
    • Maneuvering (port in/out)
    • Cargo handling
    • Anchoring
  • Value Propostion

    • Reduced operating costs (energy saving)
    • Optimized investments with quick ROI (<2 years)
    • Tailored solutions with access to highly qualified experts
    • Respect modern regulations (SEEMP, ISO50001)
    • Reduced CO2 emission
  • Differentiation

    • In the mean time SE is a WW leader in electrical Energy Efficiency solution provider + SE design, develop and manufacture >90% of devices necessary to implement such a solution
    • As a WW leader in Electrical Distribution SE can perfectly integrate such solution into the existing on board electrical network
    • Thanks to the SE connected devices, SE can perfectly integrate the solution into the on board Control, Alarming, Monitoring & Energy management system
  • Success story

    Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc
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