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    Ship CCTV

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You need leverage your existing investments to protect people, property and facilities while enabling process monitoring, improving safety and efficiency. You also have to minimize potential threats of piracy, theft or violence and respond faster to critical events. You are looking for ways to document “proof of loss” for insurance purposes.
  • Solutions

    Bridge control console total monitoring

    • Security in case of accidents or damages 
    • Remote check of machine status
    • Operation monitoring
    • Prevent piracy

    Cargo logistics and management monitoring

    • Monitor cargo transportation and logistics
    • Optimize storage management
    • Prevent theft and sabotage

    Video education

    • Install cameras at specific zone
    • Remote video visiting in meeting room
    • Camera selection: High definition
  • Value Propostion

    High-definition imaging
    provide clear, detailed and expansive images
    Flexible and scalable
    Ethernet based
    Video streaming through networks
    Remote visiting
    Provide real-time video and audio stream
    Remote monitor and manage devices
    Integrate with Process Control System
    Video intelligence
    Motion detection, bordering etc.
    Realize active detection

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