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    Food Safety Compliance for Baked Goods and Confectionery

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Addressing critical Baked Goods and Confectionery Industry challenges
- Speed up new product introduction
- Enable packaging flexibility
- Delay product final customization
- Maintain product quality and safety 
- Control allergens and cross‑contamination
- Reduce energy and carbon footprint
  • Solutions

    We help your food safety compliance and preserve your brand equity and shareholder value
  • Value Proposition

    Increase delivery reliability for superior quality products with best‑in‑class productivity and environmental leadership.
  • Differentiation

    Site Security + Building Management + Traceability and Genealogy + Serialization = a unique offering for your food safety compliance.

Food Safety Compliance-Related Offering

  • Building Systems
  • Site Security
  • Access Control and Video Surveillance
  • Cyber Security Consulting
  • Operation Traceability and Material Genealogy
  • Product Serialisation


  • Freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies on wire rack, food and beverage.
    Speed up new product introduction
  • Worker posing with package on packing line in biscuit factory, food and beverage.
    Enable packaging flexibility
  • Biscuit factory worker inspecting bulk amounts of ingredients, sustainability reporting, food and beverage.
    Delay product final customization
  • Conveyor belt filled with bread, machine control, food and beverage.
    Maintain product quality and safety