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    Demand Response: Load flexibility to optimize performance

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    Unlock consumer flexibility

    The increase in distributed generation. Climate and energy policy targets. The loss of profitability of traditional power plants. These trends are driving a major shift in utility business models. Today, they need more flexibility to increase performance. Demand response is an economic and suitable answer to these challenges.

    • Solution

      Besides maintaining grid reliability, demand response is valuable for all utility stakeholders. It addresses various needs--from reducing imbalanced costs and freeing assets dedicated to reserve to improving the load factor of generation assets. By implementing demand response programs, utilities lower consumers' electricity bills and offer their customers new energy services.
    • Key facts

      As a demand response solutions provider, we offer market design, customer enrollment, information technology (including Demand Response Management System), and demand response operations, including full demand response services on behalf of a utility.
    • Our advantage

      • Experience as a renowned demand response operator
      • World-class technology and an open ADR-certified product
      • European leader with 1500 MW already under management