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    IT & Facilities

    Providing reliable and continuous power to control systems and IT communications infrastructures is a critical goal of a successful operation of any mining facility.


    Schneider Electric offers simple, stand-alone or fully integrated IT infrastructure solutions:

    > Full service data center solutions: from rack to row, to room, to building
    > Pre-fabricated data centers and UPSs designed to withstand harsh environments


    The right answer for IT infrastructures at mine site operations, central control rooms and corporate data centers.

    > Availability, reliability, adaptability and efficiency
    > Ruggedized IT infrastructure for systems located at harsh mine sites
    > Prefabricated and repeatable design minimizes need for local engineering at remote sites


    Integrated solutions for facilities management: access, surveillance and building automation including advanced video surveillance for mine operations.

    > Solutions for any lighting condition, application or environment
    > Video management and analytics


    Integrated security management that protects your employees and facilities. Building automation also allows lighting controls and HVAC management for offices and buildings.

    > Oversee access to site remotely
    > Monitor multiple processes and machinery
    > Integrated camera and access control
    > Energy savings and employee security