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    Marine & shore connection

    Make your ships and operations safer, more reliable and sustainable with our complete range of marine industry solutions.

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  • Our solution leading to significant energy and fuel savings for the fleet

    Schneider Electric helps Thenamaris to successfully implement its idea and design aiming to achieve an ideal engine room ventilation and central water cooling setup for their tankers.

  • Scandlines optimizes energy consumption on it’s ferries with Schneider Electric Connected Breakers

    Discover a reliable solution to monitor power consumption on ships and to analyze & optimize their electrical distribution.

  • A complete solution offer

    Discover a full range of solutions for your marine application.

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  • Merchant ship brochure

    With 90+ years experience in marine applications, we can help optimize your CapEx and OpEx throughout the lifecycle of your installations.

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    Our marine solutions

    Intelligent electrical & automation solutions

    Download our paper on the ship recycling regulations and the inventory of hazardous materials.

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