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    Smart Supply Chain

    Gain full visibility into the value chain, and reduce the costs of sourcing and logistics

Solution and Benefits

From tank to cattle environment management, our solutions help to improve yield, profitability and to reduce risk in farming operation.

> Monitoring of key parameters
> Reduced maintenance costs
> Improved production and yield of the farm

Solution and Benefits

We help developing areas to access renewable energy and water and to conserve resources needed for irrigation.

> Minimized OPEX and reduced maintenance
> Easy to install: robust solution delivered in pre-installed container
> Easy to use: remote monitoring
> Green solution: use of renewables
> Modular and evolving solution

Solution and Benefits

We provide consulting and tools to better source or trade energy, contributing to profitability increase and better risk management.

> Up to 30% energy consumption reduction, significant and measurable cost savings
> Advantageous energy contracts and optimized energy purchased plant (rates and tariffs)
> Mitigate energy price risk

Solution and Benefits

Apply our simulation software to your supply chain to improve operational and strategic decision-making by opening up new insights into the potential impact of decisions on your main performance indicators.

> Efficient and cost effective solution to manage raw milk collection
> Effective route management
> Optimal support of advanced planning and scheduling

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Solution and Benefits

With our connected controllers for coolers, vending machines, and tap OEMs, information on localization, usage, and condition can be collected in the cloud, giving marketing and maintenance teams a comprehensive view of the entire fleet.

> Reduced downtime and optimized maintenance of delocalized assets (coolers)
> Improved customer experience
> Increased brand promise

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