Two workers observing bottles inside a beverage facility.


Cater to a greater number of people, distribute healthier and safer products, meet consumers’ changing habits, adapt to variations in raw materials and energy costs, design environmentally friendly factories and supply chains. To face these rising challenges, Food & Beverage industries must combine competitiveness and responsibility without any compromise.


  • By 2050, there will be 9 billion people on Earth, 30% more than today
  • 40% of the planet land mass is used to grow food but 30% of food is wasted between farm to fork
  • Food & Beverage industry consumes 5% of global energy
  • 49% F&B CFOs see a significant link between sustainability performance and financial performance
  • Changing consumer demands and a volatile global economy create challenges for the F&B industry
  • 40% of today's leaders will be retired in 2020

Value Proposition

  • Better food, for more people, using less of our common planet Better food, for more people, using less of our common planet We help improve sustainability, efficiency and traceability of Food & Beverage operations
  • We make Sustainable Efficiency a reality, today We make Sustainable Efficiency a reality, today Being the Global Specialist in Energy Management™ & leader in F&B Manufacturing Operation Management
  • EcoStruxure Architecture: Feeding Your Need For Efficiency

    Our EcoStruxure solutions make controlling, optimising and planning the future of your enterprise easier.

  • Business Case Energy Performance: Coca Cola HBC Italy

    Coca-Cola HBC, Italy have started with Schneider Electric a journey to identify and eliminate the energy wastes in their production plants

  • Business Case Manufacturing Efficiency: F&N Dairies Thailand

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  • Business Case Manufacturing Efficiency: Total Agroindustria Brazil

    See how Schneider Electric's PlantStruxure™ solution has helped pushed Total, a state-run ethanol producer, into the forefront of Brazil's bio-fuel industry.