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    Intelligent and Secure Bank Buildings


Smart, high-performance infrastructure for optimized building operations.

Digitized products and systems for core and critical infrastructure.


Digitized products, systems and services can be leveraged to build high-performance, efficient buildings for any variety of bank uses.

> Ensure compliance with global safety standards.
> Contribute to building valuation and green building rankings.
> Deliver core and enhanced services to tenants.
> Manage the entire building life cycle from initial commissioning, to maintenance, to eventual retrofit.
> Facilitate monitoring and continuous operation with minimum interruption.


Building Operational Efficiency solutions offer optimized performance through integrated automation.

Building monitoring, analysis, control and automation systems


Our portfolio of software and services deliver information and support to maintain performance and manage costs throughout a building’s life cycle.

> Proactive and condition-based maintenance
> Analytics for detailed awareness
> Expert guidance and support
> Efficient, reliable building operation
> Accessible, secure controls
> Seamless integration with other building systems


Workplace Efficiency

Room controls, space management efficiency, and information services for employees


Workplace efficiency solutions leverage IoT and Big Data to deliver real-time benefits in the financial workplace.

> Real-time management of building resources (conference rooms, employee services, etc.)
> Employee productivity and collaboration.
> Smart space management and energy efficiency savings.
> Enhanced corporate image.

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