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Utilities must reduce costs while ensuring operational excellence, rapidly digitize end-to-end processes, and improve performance. They also face the risks of balancing demand peaks with low intermittent production. The answer? Intelligent networks, new business models, and new customer services to grow beyond energy sales.

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  • Tools icon Operational excellence Become more productive in a changing energy world while reducing costs, enabling safe & reliable operations and maintaining grid stability.
  • Graph up icon Expertise in distributed energy Let's change how grids are managed. Our new services help you improve your customer service, comply with renewable regulations and leverage grid flexibility.
  • Smart utility ebook

    How will smart utilities use big data to manage their assets? The Smart Grid: a myth or a reality? How to balance renewables? Discover this and more about prosumers, microgrids and network security in our ebook

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  • GreenLys A smart partnership for the smart grid

    In the French cities of Lyon and Grenoble, the first full-scale demonstration project, GreenLys, is testing smart grid operations over the whole electricity supply chain, linking producers, distributors, and various types of consumers.

  • Stedin Reducing outages with a self-healing grid in Rotterdam

    Stedin, one of Holland's largest utilities, has modernized its existing grid infrastructure to reduce power outages.

  • White paper How predictive asset analytics benefits utilities

    Thorough, research-based strategic planning is essential in a highly complex regulatory and operational landscape. Learn about the five steps to develop a cost-effective roadmap for smart grid capabilities and maximizing their benefits.

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