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    Safety and Security

    Protect people, assets, and machines with flexible, integrated solutions


Protect human and physical resources, and achieve a safer operating environment through:

> Integrated safety within the process control environment
> Arc flash analysis
> Equipment upgrades and monitoring systems
> Virtual reality training


Our electrical safety solutions ensure reduced risk of fatalities and lost time due to injuries, leading to:

> Higher productivity
> Reduced equipment failures and downtime
> Transfer of knowledge and better safety awareness

Solutions and Benefits

We offer access control and advanced video surveillance for enhanced plant safety, including video management and analytics, and solutions for any lighting situation. Integrated security management protects your employees and facilities through:

> Remote site access
> Monitoring of processes and machinery
> Integrated camera and access control


Schneider Electric offers simple, stand-alone or fully integrated IT infrastructure solutions that feature:

> Full-service data centers, from rack to row, to room, to building
> Pre-fabricated data centers and UPSs designed to withstand harsh environments


We offer a broad range of solutions for IT infrastructures at site operations, central control rooms, and corporate data centers, which provide:

> High availability and reliability
> Flexible, adaptable solutions
> Rugged infrastructure for harsh environments
> Prefabricated, repeatable designs