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    Renewal Services

    Evolve with greater performance and flexibility.

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    How do I renew my solution?

    We help you define and implement the best solution evolvement, increasing performance and flexibility, while controlling aging infrastructure-associated costs.
    • Solutions

      • Solutions Retrofit - Provides up to date replacement solutions providing compatibility and adaptation to previous installation
      • Modernization solutions- Provides turn key solutions to modernise an existing installation which becomes inefficient or technically outdated
    • Advantages

      30+ years of applied expertise and the products/software to simplify design, installation, and extend equipment life to increase the efficiency and reliability of technical infrastructure, for a lower TCO and increased corporate sustainability.
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      Electrical Distribution Our experts support you in defining and executing the optimal modernisation path to increase productivity and flexibility, decreases maintenance costs Know more
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      Industrial Automation Extend the life of your system while providing updated operational capabilities Read more
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      Critical Power and Cooling We work with you to extend the life of your system while providing updated operational capabilities Discover more
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      Building Life Cycle Services We provide the most effective services and solutions to ensure your facility is up-to-date using the latest technology. Learn more

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