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    Operating Services

    We can help you maximize your solution uptime and performance, with capital expenditure control through proactive action plans.

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    How do I operate and maintain ?

    Maximize the availability and productivity of your facility and operation while controlling costs and keeping your staff and equipment up to date.
    • Solutions

      • Warranty Extensions - Extend the manufacturer's warranty in terms of service level / duration
      • Service Plans - Yearly or multi-year comprehensive maintenance plan including remedial repair with multiple coverage options
      • Preventive & Predictive Maintenances - On-site preventive actions to secure optimum efficient and reliable product/system operating conditions
        - Analyze historical operating data and statistics to predict failure far ahead of time;, usually linked with remote monitoring capabilities
      • Vendor Management - Helps to efficiently provision, coordinate, and deliver seamless service execution across all critical infrastructure disciplines, using both OEM and 3rd party maintenance vendors
      • Facility Operations - Specialized on-site operations and maintenance management program to meet the demanding requirements of critical facility environments
      • Managed Maintenance - On-site maintenance support service that enforces strict change management protocols when your facility is exposed to the greatest amount of risk
      • Advanced Operator Training - Provides the critical operator knowledge and practical experience needed to maximize operational efficiency and system availability.
        Combination of classroom training and lab exercises to get the best ROI from Schneider Electric systems
      • Spare Parts Management - Manage part inventory level at the customers’ sites to meet extremely short response times. Replenishment, and fee associated to amortize stock depreciation in case owned by Schneider Electric.
      • Software Update & Support - Provide software technical support and update, either on-site or remotely
      • Expert Technical Support - Privileged access to manufacturer's experts on the phone
    • Advantages

      30+ years of applied expertise and the products/software to simplify design, installation, and extend equipment life to increase the efficiency and reliability of technical infrastructure, for a lower TCO and increased corporate sustainability.
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      Electrical Distribution

      We help you to plan the full design and execution of your solution, looking at securing your process and optimising your time

      Know more
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      Industrial Automation Our experts work with you to develop the right design of your industrial automation solution as well as the proper maintenance plan Read more
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      Critical Power and Cooling Expert assistance for your project to determine criticality, costs, performance, timing regulatory compliance or sustainability Discover more

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