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    Installation Services

    Convert plans into efficient, reliable and safe solutions.

    Businessman is able to monitor energy management software from a tablet, internet of things

    How do I install and commission ?

    Convert plans into reality with a wide range of products and software to simplify design and installation, extend equipment life, keep employees and equipment safer, and increase the efficiency and reliability of the overall technical infrastructure.
    • Solutions

      • Project Management-Manage the entire solution deployment for the customer
      • Assembly /Start-up-Provides mechanical assembly experts to get the system ready to be energised in safe conditions.
      • Energises the system/product, securing product features being operational, checking the close environment of the product to secure good operating conditions
      • Software install and setup- On-site experts deliver software installation in the customer environment with dedicated setup of the software parameters
    • Advantages

      30+ years of applied expertise and the products/software to simplify design, installation, and extend equipment life to increase the efficiency and reliability of technical infrastructure, for a lower TCO and increased corporate sustainability.
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      Electrical Distribution We help you to plan the full design and execution of your solution, looking at securing your process and optimising your time Know more
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      Industrial Automation Our experts work with you to develop the right design of your industrial automation solution as well as the proper maintenance plan Read more
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      Critical Power and Cooling Expert assistance for your project to determine criticality, costs, performance, timing regulatory compliance or sustainability Discover more

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