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    On-site Expert Assistance


    Got an unplanned equipment failure?

    Day or night, Schneider Electric field services experts are available to help troubleshoot and resolve unplanned downtime events. Our specialist teams will handle your equipment issues and reduce process stoppages quickly and efficiently.


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    • Solutions

      Our field services experts can support your maintenance staff in their everyday operations, or engage in cases of emergency events. Available on a scheduled, full-time basis or on-demand, our on-site service helps you address specific concerns.
    • Value Proposition

      Our support teams are uniquely qualified to advise and assist you. Field service experts at our centres around the world share technical knowledge about performed interventions in order to leverage past experience and improve efficiency.
    • Differentiation

      Enable plant resources to contribute additional value to your company by focusing on their day-to-day job instead of troubleshooting issues that our On-site expert assistance can help address.


    • Data Center Technicians working, IT Business, data center operations.
        Access to skilled intervention teams with product and application know-how
    • Food and beverage manufacturing facility, machine control, distribution management.
        Reduced downtime – faster resolutions through priority dispatch
    • Data Center Technicians working on a computer away from the Data Center console.
        Access to a broad spectrum of competencies without the training costs
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        Fast response times in cases of emergencies
    • Worker talking on phone in control room with monitors
        Online diagnosis: our experts will help you diagnose the situation and take appropriate decisions