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    Modernization Services


    Solutions for your aging UPS

    As your critical infrastructure ages it is exposed to more risk and unexpected downtime due to wearing components. Our modernization services provide you the solutions to increase your availability while maximizing your investment.

    Modernization Services offer description

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    • Solutions

      Modular Power Revitalisation Service (MPRS) provides a comprehensive on-site UPS refresh service for modular UPS solutions. MPRS is the ideal solution for customers who want to extend the useful life of their modular UPS. Your system is safely updated by certified service professionals and will continue to operate at peak performance.
    • Value Proposition

      Modernization services are an affordable approach to extend reliable life, and to upgrade the UPS system with the latest technologies.
    • Differentiation

      We offer an all-inclusive service for customers to extend the reliable life of their current installation as an alternative purchasing a new solution.