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    Infrastructure Modernization Program

    Provide for ongoing technology and efficiency upgrades through customized service plans funded out of your operating budget to help you maintain and improve the value of your building and its installed systems.

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    You face limited resources with minimal capital funding for your aging facility infrastructure. This forces you to adopt a reactive maintenance model that leads to unpredictable repair costs and a lower-functioning facility.
    • Solutions

      Planned maintenance can include retrofits or embedded improvements that help you maintain the value of your building and its installed systems. Maximize energy savings, improve productivity and create a more comfortable working environment.
    • Key benefits

      Planned maintenance provides a road map for long-term, predictable life cycle costs. Leverage your current operating budget for building retrofit opportunities.
    • Advantages

      Our Infrastructure Modernization Program creates opportunities to provide for ongoing technology and efficiency upgrades through customized service plans funded out of your operating budget.


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      Keep pace with building and energy efficiency technologies
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      Improve your building's competitive edge
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      Enable fixed-cost life cycle improvements
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      Risk-free, timely refurbishments
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        SmartStruxure Solution Guide Specification

        Division 23 Guide Specification for Building Management System (BMS) control equipment for HVAC systems and components including open protocol components for terminal heating and cooling units. Download guide
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        TAC I/NET™ to SmartStruxure Solution

        Capitalize on your TAC I/NET system investment and gain insight on how to facilitate the exchange and analysis of data from power, lighting, electrical distribution, fire safety, and HVAC. Download to learn more
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        TAC IA™ Series to SmartStruxure Solution

        Get more details about how SmartStruxure solution can help you save money and reduce the need for multiple systems while supporting every major communication standard and giving you flexible control through any standard web browser. Find out more
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        TAC NETWORK8000™ to SmartStruxure Solution

        Transition your TAC NETWORK 8000 system to the future with SmartStruxure Solution powered by StruxureWare Building Operation. You can expand your system using natively supported field controllers to that leverage additional features of SmartStruxure. Discover more
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