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    Smart Building Service Plans

    Balance cost, risks and asset value with our leading service plans.

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    Your business and buildings are dynamic and need to react to ever-changing real world requirements. Energy and safety regulations are underlining the need for smarter, faster management systems despite facility managers having to do more with less.
    • Solutions

      Tighter budgets, aging infrastructure and energy costs demand a different way of thinking about buildings. Our Smart Building Service Plans are the solution to your changing needs, providing complete transparency, a proactive approach and responsive support.
    • Key benefits

      Smart Building Service Plans increase the performance, efficiency and reliability of your buildings.
    • Advantages

      We offer an integrated approach to your building’s maintenance. Our best-in-class technology and processes are backed by certified service technicians and remote bureau analysts specialized in anticipating and addressing all of your building challenges.


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      24/7/365 coverage to support on-site personnel with expert analysis and state of the art diagnostics
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      Combine remote monitoring and on-site maintenance to ensure that equipment is always ready to perform
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      A holistic approach includes predictive maintenance to ensure peace of mind
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      Continuous monitoring, measurement and analysis of energy usage to identify avoidable consumption
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      Prioritization of issues, verification and implementation of improvements with ROI analysis
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      On-site expert analysis for thorough improvement, upgrade and replacement recommendations