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    Asset Management for Utilities

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    Utilities today need a universal picture of all assets. Many utilities have invested heavily in geographic information systems (GIS). Until now, these systems were used by a fraction of employees. But utilities and communication service providers today need to leverage their existing systems and make geospatial information available across the entire organization.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric's asset management solutions offer a map-centric, intuitive way to model, design, maintain and manage facility and land-based information.
    • Value Proposition

      Schneider Electric's asset management solutions provide a graphical data-rich environment that centralizes the management of asset and network information to maximize reliability and efficiency.
    • Differentiation

      Schneider Electric is the industry leader in GIS asset management solutions for utilities. Our solutions provide the foundation for an intelligent network infrastructure that improves efficiencies, increases safety, and enables smarter business decisions for all types of utilities. In addition, Schneider Electric offers a broad range of implementation, database and extended services to ensure each project's success.


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      Effectively manage network data with the ability to easily track and maintain physical assets and the network with a wide array of productivity tools for diverse users.
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      Improve decision making by identifying ways to optimize asset infrastructure and simplify internal and external auditing.
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      Enhance mobile work by empowering field crews with detailed, GIS-based asset information.
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      Enhance operating efficiency by improving collaboration, which ultimately benefits your customers with improved service delivery and reduced losses across the network.
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      Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating disparate systems into a single, GIS-based network.