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    Schneider Electric Services


Meet your goals efficiently and expertly.

You need to increase efficiency & safety while meeting your established energy and sustainability goals. Your top priorities are reducing operating costs, mitigating the risk of energy cost volatility and ensuring power reliability & safety. You need to achieve these big goals with a small team and limited budget.
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Explore Schneider Electric's Suite of Services

  • Improving Your Business

    Schneider Electric’s Services range from sustainability strategy development to energy procurement services to real-time data delivery. We will work with you to understand your organization's goals and develop an efficient roadmap to get you there.
  • Why Schneider Electric?

    We deliver comprehensive strategies that help customers understand where they are today, where they want to get to and how to get there.
  • A Difference You Deserve

    Schneider Electric’s key strength lies in our breadth of services, technology and experience. Our global offering encompasses a true cross-functional approach, coupled with understanding of your operational and competitive pressures.
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      Comprehensive energy and sustainability data in one common platform.
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      Receive customized energy buying recommendations based on your strategy, risk tolerance
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      Drive smarter business decisions with real-time information delivered via the cloud
With Schneider Electric’s experience and support, you will move your organization forward, operating in a more sustainable manner and strengthening your competitive edge.
  • Combining Enterprise Reporting with Existing Site Infrastructure

    Discover how an enterprise-level cloud platform can collect and aggregate corporate data for analysis, enabling efficiency and reduced costs

  • We share your passion for corporate sustainability

    CEO Jean-Pasal Tricoire shares his thoughts on sustainability

  • 5 Trends That Are Disrupting The Global Energy Landscape Market analysis of global carbon schemes, the US energy revival, the global LNG market, Germany’s changing generation mix, and the influence of geopolitics in energy markets.

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  • White paper: Climate Change – What Does it Mean? Our top meteorologists take a look at the changing climate and its role in increased weather volatility.

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  • White paper: Climate Change and the Associated Business Risks This paper reviews new data on climate change and points out trends that businesses need to consider when making risk assessments.

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  • Schneider Electric Meteorological Operations

    See how Schneider Electric produces the independently-rated most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts in the industry.