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    Trihal transformers

    Add greater safety and reliability to your electrical network with best-in-class dry-type cast resin transformers.

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A perfect choice for buildings

Easy to install and maintain, Trihal is a perfect transformer for any indoor environment. Its high reliability, efficiency, and fire safety make it an ideal fit for hospitals, data centers, and airports.
  • Reduce transformer energy losses by 50%

    Learn how amorphous transformers help enhance energy efficiency and reduce CO₂ emissions.

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  • Transformers TCO Tool

    Calculate the total cost of ownership, compare our transformers, and choose the most efficient option for your business.

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    Why chose Trihal

    • Default Alternative Text Unrivalled performance C3 and E3 certificates: rigorous testing has confirmed Trihal’s optimal performance, even in harsh conditions (up to -50°C, high humidity, high condensation).
    • Default Alternative Text Enhanced safety Recognized by the IEC 60076-11 F1 certification, Trihal offers the highest level of fire safety, for improved protection of personnel, equipment, and buildings.
    • Services icon Increased continuity of operations Thanks to a partial discharge rating of ≤ 5 pC Trihal reduces the risk of an electrical breakdown. This slows equipment deterioration caused by aging insulation.
    • Default Alternative Text Green Premium ecolabel Trihal is certified with Schneider Electric’s Green Premium ecolabel indicating compliance with environmental regulations, including RoHS, REACh, PEP, and EoLI.
    • The 007 transformer See how our technology enables tourists to enjoy James Bond attractions at the Schilthorn summit.
    • The new world of energy Discover how digitization, decarbonization, and decentralization are transforming the energy world.
    • Facility Managers Increase building efficiency and respond to urgent needs, faster. Digitized, connected, and efficient solutions give you advantages today while equipping you for whatever tomorrow holds.
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      Think big. Partner up. The Schneider Electric Partner Program provides software, tools, and educational resources you can use to stay on top of the latest trends, and ahead of the competition. Learn more


    • 15 MVA Maximum rated power
    • 1.1-36 kV LV/MV and LV/LV insulation voltage
    • 40 kV Maximum HV insulation voltage

    Trihal in numbers

    • +30 years of manufacturing experience
    • +150,000 transformers manufactured
    • 4 Manufacturing plants
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    • Get the Trihal BIM model

      Implement Trihal into your building projects easily with the free Trihal building information model.

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    • EcoDesign-ready transformers

      Discover how the EU’s EcoDesign directive has changed the transformer market.

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    • Enjoy easy access to documentation

      Scan the QR code placed on your Trihal to access product details and documents dedicated to your transformer.

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