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    To monitor your assets, tag your breaker.

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    Monitoring and securing all your electrical assets with one simple action

    PowerTag is a compact, easy-to-install wireless unit for circuit breakers that transmits deep, accurate data on all electrical loads, from IT and HVAC, to machines, pumps and process equipment.

    This unit provides the innovation to make energy management simpler with an adaptable form factor that can be used in medium to large buildings of all types.

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      Improve your uptime

      PowerTag lets building operators and facility managers continually track the health of a building’s electrical installation and associated equipment.

      PowerTag provides highly detailed information on a building’s electrical consumption and loads – current, voltage, power, overloads, unbalanced phases, and more.

      This allows for real-time detection and notification of potential problems before they occur, so operators can perform necessary maintenance to keep a building running as intended.

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      Compact, adaptable design

      The space-saving PowerTag auxiliary is simple to install, and easily fits any panel board, allowing for optimal support for a higher number of monitored assets, when compared to competing products. 

      PowerTag’s wireless circuit breaker tagging makes it easy to measure and control as many loads as possible. And seamless integration into a BMS enhances your facility’s energy efficiency, regardless of the BMS manufacturer.

    • Tag your existing or new breakers. Continual insight on the health of your strategic assets.

      Tag and monitor loads for: 
      • Precise, real-time data on energy, currents, power, voltage
      • Accurate active energy (class 1)
      • Partial and complete monitoring
      • Check phase load unbalance

      Tag and secure assets:
      • Pre-alarm notification on overload
      • Alarm notification for voltage loss and overload-on-trip
      - Immediate, automated email notifications
      - Adaptable for use in building systems and Facility Hero application

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