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    Canalis Bus Trunking System for End users

    Choose an electrical distribution system that is safe, reliable, upgradeable, and environmentally friendly.

  • A complete lighting and power distribution solution

    Canalis offers a flexible electrical distribution system that is safe, green, and eliminates downtime.


    • Default Alternative Text Loads can be easily moved or added without halting production. Furthermore, modification and maintenance is simple.
    • Default Alternative Text Canalis offers protection against direct contact (IPxxD). The range is type-tested and IEC 61439-6 compliant.
    • Default Alternative Text The Canalis range is halogen-free, fully recyclable, and emits no toxic emissions in the event of fire. Furthermore, electromagnetic radiation is minimized.

    Practical and Simple

    • Default Alternative Text Perfect for recycling Canalis products ensure a 95% recycling rate. Should a facility require restructuring or enlargement, Canalis products can be dismantled and reinstalled in their new environment, easily and quickly.
    • Default Alternative Text Easy to maintain Canalis busbar contacts require no maintenance. The decentralized distribution architecture ensures service continuity, simplifies maintenance, and makes upgrading easy.