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    Canalis Busbar Trunking System

    The flexible and safe solution for all your trunking needs, from 20 A to 8000 A.

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    Canalis is a pre-fabricated busbar trunking system. It is easy to install and designed for commercial and industrial buildings.

    A proven solution

    • Default Alternative Text 60 years of experience in busway design
    • Default Alternative Text 70,000 kilometers of Canalis busbar installed since 1954
    • Default Alternative Text 100% architecture compliance with IEC standards


    • Default Alternative Text Safe and reliable installation Canalis products are IEC 61439-6 compliant, to ensure reliability and safety of personnel and property.
    • Default Alternative Text Service continuity Electrical busbar trunking requires no specific maintenance and loads can be easily added or removed under voltage.
    • Default Alternative Text Flexibility and scalability With a decentralized distribution architecture, Canalis is based on a plug-and-play concept. Now it is easy to make modifications and upgrades. Furthermore, installation time can be reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional cable installations.
    • Default Alternative Text Environmentally-friendly Manufacturing, packaging, and distribution for the Canalis range has been carefully designed to limit environmental impact. The entire Canalis range is halogen-free and fully recyclable.