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    It’s time to modernize your electrical switchgear infrastructure

    The cost of downtime can reach millions of euros per hour. That’s why you need a strategy for upgrading your aging low and medium voltage switchgear today.

    Upgrade your switchgear

    Modernize aging switchgear to drive cost savings

    • Retrofitting switchgear is often the most cost-effective approach to modernization. That’s not only savings on equipment, but also on specification, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning.
    • You can perform upgrades without any major downtime or production loss. A circuit breaker retrofit can require only a few minutes to an hour, and our experts have managed thousands of retrofit projects.
    • Modern medium and low voltage switchgear retrofits offer not only superior reliability, but open the door to digitization. Better equipment connectivity means smarter management and more cost savings.

    Field services to cover the entire life cycle of electrical distribution equipment

    Extend the life of your electrical distribution equipments with the best modernization solutions

    How to choose a medium or low voltage switchgear retrofit service for your ageing electrical equipment?

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