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    Telefónica and Schneider Electric

    Collaborating to connect the digital world

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    • A digital telco journey

      Telefónica started as a telephone company and has extended its business to become a digital telecommunications company. Alcalá data center has the ability to process a staggering 14 kW per rack, making it one of the most high-density data centers in world.

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      The challenge

      In the face of escalating demand from customers, Telefónica decided to construct a new data center just outside Madrid, Spain. The goal: To increase capacity, create a flexible, scalable system, and improve cost-effectiveness by consolidating several smaller data centers from around the world under one roof. The result is a cutting-edge facility with profound capability.

      Telefónica’s Alcalá data center provides data hosting and housing for diverse internal and external customers — from public administrations to large retail chains, and media companies to financial institutions. The Alcalá data center needed to be more secure and more powerful to meet the new demands of the digital age, while also meeting new standards on efficiency and sustainability with minimal environmental impact.


      The solution

      Telefónica trusted Schneider Electric to provide a wide range of solutions and services, to help deliver energy-saving results, and enhance their high-capacity data center's security and stability. This collaboration resulted in efficient reductions in energy consumption and CO₂ emissions, through the installation of low-voltage electrical boxes, trays, and batteries.

      But that wasn’t all. Installing a UPS and Andover Continuum building management solution provided a distributed technology-based system that controls and monitors the building, while simultaneously managing the alarms and energy infrastructure.

      These solutions enabled Telefónica to monitor the status of every component of the installation in real time, allowing for early failure detection and delivering the strictest standards in reliability.

      This BMS allows Telefónica to fulfill one of its most important targets: full server scalability at any time, with no service disruption. Now, Telefónica is able to connect new servers in running mode, with no need to stop to reconfigure or redesign systems.

      Schneider Electric also integrated specialists into the Telefónica team. These specialists provided on-site expertise, training, and support throughout the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of these latest-generation technology solutions.

      As a result, the Alcalá data center boasts a 60% reduction in energy costs compared to both traditional DCIM and the Gold Tier IV® certification.


      "We were happy to choose Schneider as a partner for their reliability, experience, and well-established service."

      — Fran Muña, Director of Critical Infrastructure at Alcalá de Henares Telefónica Data Center

      Key solutions

      • Canalis™ Busbar
      • Galaxy™ 7000 UPSs
      • VarSet™ Reactive Batteries
      • StruxureWare™ for Data Centers
      • Prisma P Low-voltage Distribution Cubicles
      • Building Management Systems (Andover Continuum)
      • Maintenance Services with personnel on site 24/7

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