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    IoT World Forum Review

    Schneider Electric CTO Prith Banerjee, alongside our other company leaders, share how IoT solutions bring unprecedented levels of connectivity, efficiency, sustainability, reliability and safety to your operations.

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    Schneider Electric and Microsoft Azure

    How to Deliver IoT-Enabled Digital Services

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    Get ready for the future of power distribution with the new connected Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker.

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    Today's Energy Stakes: Schneider Electric's Response

    This infographic video highlights three energy megatrends: urbanization, industrialization, and digitization, and Schneider Electric's response through energy efficiency, sustainability, and automation.

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    • What is a smart home?

      A smart home is all about making life easier and more convenient. In a world that is so demanding on our time, who wouldn’t love being able to control lighting, audiovisual, temperature and much more—no matter where you are, at anytime.

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    • Benefits of smart home living

      Your customer’s home is about living with ease, comfort and safety. And a smart home does just that. It enhances you lifestyle by creating a home that is convenient, connected and secure.
      Automating lighting s and home electrical gives them  greater control, which can also help to reduce  theirs enegy bills.

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    • How to build a smart home?

      Creating a smart home has never been easier. Our automation and integration experts can help you all the way. Our extensive smart home offering creates scalable, integrated solutions that provide complete home control, to meet all your customers’ needs.

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      Our solutions

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        Do your customers want to see their energy use, asking to reduce their energy bills and  improve your customers’ comfort?

        Connected Homes

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        Wiser Link

        Easy to install, simple to use
        The pre-configured electrical panel allows for easy installation and simple use.
        Region: France / Australia

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        Designing, configuring and installing home control has never been easier.
        Region: Europe

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        Build up efficient solutions with C-Bus energy management
        You can achieve the highest level of building control comfort as well as significant energy savings. Show your customers the green way to a better future by making them aware of their energy consumption.
        Region: Asia / Pacific

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        Comfort and convenience
        Give your customers the convenience of room-by-room temperature control from their smartphone.
        Energy savings
        Save your customers from costly power bills, with an energy-efficient solution.
        It’s easy to grow your business the smart way.
        Region: Europe

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        Wiser Home Control

        Scalable solution
        Wiser Home Control is flexible and easy to upgrade. Whether it is an entry-level or a full-blown series of controls, there are different solutions to fit different needs.
        Region: Asia / Pacific

      Products are specific to individual country electrical standards. Please check products availability by country.

      Succeed Together

      Schneider Electric’s new range of products are not just focused on improved functionality, but are designed to provide services to adapt to new smart devices. We are geared to meeting the needs of partners.
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